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Why Do We Need To Build A Medical Center In Uganda?

Every 60 seconds in Africa…

2 children die from malaria,

10 children come down with the HIV virus,

3 teens die from complications due to teen pregnancy.


The need for medical attention in Uganda is tremendous!  Here are some stories from the local news…

One journalist reported that a young lady was bleeding profusely in the maternity ward of a major public hospital.  Only one midwife was on duty and no doctor examined her for 12 hours.  Her husband changed his wife’s blood-soaked bedding as her life seeped away. “I’m going to leave you”, she told him as he cradled her,  “Look after the children”

An obstetrician who investigated the case said the mother of three had arrived in time but due to low staffing levels, she died.

Such gloomy incidences occur very often in Uganda.  Records show that out of every 100,000 live births, well over 500 mothers die each year

In November, another lady bled to death in the hospital.  It is reported that she did not have the money needed, ( a little over $100.00) that was demanded before she could receive medical attention.

A few months ago a 24 year old girl died in labor at a Medical Center.  She required a C-section but no one could assist her at the Clinic. The nearest hospital had an ambulance but required the girl to pay for the gas before they would transport her.  She did not have money with her so they left her and her baby to die.

Many people have lost faith in Uganda’s health system.  Here are a few concerns…

  •  Shortage of health workers…less than 51% of Uganda’s health staffing positions are filled.  The majority of the workers are support staff and nurses and assistants with no doctors.  Uganda has only one midwife for 15,000 patients. With a population of 33 million people, there are only 1,150 doctors. That is one doctor for 26,000 people.
  • Few specialists and “absenteeism”…It may take a month or so to see a specialist, not because they are very busy but because they did not have the money for transportation.  They spend a lot of money on transport and make very little money as a doctor. Health workers are not supervised very well and often do not show up for work.  They also too often to show up but leave without let anyone knowing.
  • Poor customer care…The general public in Uganda are giving up on health care and have an “I don’t care attitude”.  The patients feel they are getting poor service or no service at all.  But the reality is most medical facilities do not have the needed equipment and medicine.
  • Ailing Health Facilities…With over 33 million people there are only 14 referral hospitals.  Supplies and drugs are limited so the population suffers.

There is a tremendous need for medical facilities to be built, funded and managed properly…and we at Possibilities Unlimited Word Wide are committed to seeing this happen.


Here are some stories and statistics to further prove these needs..

Recently a little 6 month old baby girl died from Malaria in our Village because her parents did not have the $2.50 for the necessary medicine to treat her.

There are about three funerals per day in our village due to lack of medical treatment.

The nearest health facility is a two and a half day journey from the village.

A fifteen year old girl recently died.  Her baby needed to be delivered, she needed a c –    section and there was no one to help her.

Building a Medical Center and providing preventative health care would allow us to catch the problems early, before they become life threatening.


The Medical Center consists of…

  • Dental office,
  • Birthing center,
  • Malaria ward,
  • Pediatrics care,
  • General medicine,
  • Surgery room.

Your help and involvement is greatly needed and appreciated.